Porous metal filters of the porous aluminum

We offer high quality porous metal filters of porous aluminum (Poralum). Our technology allows to obtain light, strong and high-performance filters at a competitive price. Most of all they are used for filtration of the compressed air, gases and liquids.

Filters are reusable, reliable and durable. Filters can be cleaning by using backwashing or blowdown that returns them to an almost initial state.

Our technology automatically ensures high porosity and homogeneity of the properties. Filters have high porosity from 45 up to 65% in volume. The material of the filters is an aluminum and its alloys.

Customized filters

We produce filters according to your requirements. Therefore filters can have simple or complex shape, small or large sizes. First of all available forms are porous pipes, plates, disks, cones, also other forms, products with flanges and threads.

The size of the porous pipe is up to 14″ in diameter, up to 100″ in length. The size of the porous plate is up to 25″x25″ (square), up to 32″x17″ (rectangular) and a complex flat shape within these dimensions. Porous disc is from 1/4″ to 25″ in diameter. Thickness is from 1 to 15 mm. On request, we can increase these dimensions.

We make filters in any quantity and in a short time (from 15 days). Our technology does not require complicated and expensive equipment. The preparation of equipment is worth from $90 for small sizes and up to $1800 for the largest products. Therefore, when ordering even 1 pc. of a products (a prototype) we offer a competitive price.

Advantages of porous metal filters from the porous aluminum

  • low weight
  • strength, retain shape and dimensions at high pressure
  • high permeability
  • simple or complex forms
  • ready filters can be processed (but there are restrictions on processing modes)
  • small or large sizes
  • an individual product specifically for you
  • temperature resistance up to 300 oC
  • backwash cleaning
  • filter grade from 10 up to 200 µm

More on the properties of porous aluminum here

Case studies for filters from the porous aluminum

Replacement of sintered bronze filters

Our porous metal filters have a lower price, lower weight, greater porosity and permeability. They are more durable because they are not fragile (do not collapse from impacts and vibration).

Replacement of wire filters

In this case, the advantages are a competitive price, light weight, rigid and durable shape, more porosity and more stable filtration properties. They are not deform even working long hours at high pressure.

Replacement of mesh filters

First of all our filters have a rigid and strong shape, less weight in comparison with mesh filters. Also no shells or frames are required to install the mesh. Filters can be threaded or flanged for installation in equipment.

Replacement of ceramic filters

Filters from porous aluminum work at temperatures up to 300 оС. They have less weight due to less wall thickness and the material lightweight. They are more durable because they endure strong vibrations and impacts, from which ceramic filters quickly break down. Competitive price.

Replacement of porous parts, the sale of which was terminated by the manufacturer

We produce almost any porous parts to replace the original ones. This extends the life of the equipment even when its manufacturer no longer produces spare parts.