The unique combination of properties of porous aluminum allows you to create many different applications of porous material

The unique combination of properties of porous aluminum

Due to these properties porous aluminum has great advantages versus porous bronze, steel porous, porous ceramic such as low cost, light weight, complex shapes, not fragile. Main applications of porous aluminum:


Porous metal filters

We have successful experience in the replacement of metal filters, sintered porous sintered ceramic filters, wire filters, mesh filters on a porous aluminum filters.

Filter size can be from 3 mm to several meters. Shapes and sizes of filters of a porous alumina can not be obtained for the sintered bronze, sintered steel porous ceramic. Cases study and more information here


Pneumatic silencers

Porous aluminum silencers are used for a wide range of pneumatic equipment – from hand tools to a the high-loaded forging and pressing equipment.

They are similar to the silencers of companies such as Festo, SMC, Camozzi to their characteristics. The advantage is that the shape and the size can be customised individually. Cases study and more information here


Porous aluminum forms for vacuum thermoforming

With blocks of porous aluminum, you can quickly make a form for thermoforming, even for a small order for your plastic products.

These forms have a permeability in all directions, have a low cost and long service life. Withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius. Cases study and more information here