The main features of porous aluminum

The porous structure is formed after the extraction of the filler (salt) from the aluminum matrix. We can produce porous materials with different properties, using salt granules of various sizes.

Porous aluminum technology provides unique products with combination of properties that are not available to others porous materials:

  • Any sizes
  • Complicated shapes
  • One, two or more pore sizes in a single product
  • A combination of porous and non-porous parts in one product

Different pore sizes

Appearance of the porous aluminum with different pore size

Porous aluminum and others porous materials

The porous aluminum has great differences from other known cellular metals – sintered metals (porous steel, porous bronze), and close cell metal foam (foamed aluminum).
Appearance and structure of porous materials:

Porous aluminum

Appearance of the porous aluminum

Sintered bronze

Appearance of the porous sintered bronze

Foamed aluminum

Appearance of the aluminum metal foam

Open cell metal foam

Appearance of the open cell metal foam

Porosity and weight comparison of porous metals


Actual capability of production

We produce a wide range of products from porous aluminum in any quantity and in a short time:

  • Porous metal filters for the compressed air filtration and liquid filtration
  • Pneumatic silencers
  • Accoustic foam
  • Aluminum heat exchanger
  • Temperature and humidity sensor protective sleeve
  • Parts for fluidization in pneumotransport systems
  • Lightweight metal details
  • Parts for aeration of liquids
  • Decorative items for interior design
  • And other custom applications

We invite you to cooperate in introduction of porous aluminum products instead of traditional materials

and embodiment your ideas into new products of porous cast aluminum.

We are always pleased to produce experimental PCA products according

to your design even in a single-piece and small lots.

Contact us by e-mail, we will be happy to answer your questions!